Best Tyres For Africa


Starting in big car hire company, in Windhoek Namibia and whole of southern Africa, we tested a lot of different available tyres, especially for the 4x4s. Tyres are the most expensive wear ‘part’ on a vehicle when reckoned cost per kilometre. Therefore, you want the most cost effective and reliable tyre. There are few brands that want to guarantee 80000km, but none of them guarantee this in Namibia, as here are mainly gravel roads which causes severe wear on tyres. None of them come close to 80000km, making 60000km+ would be an exception already. The best tyre to withstand the very harsh roads, especially when driving lots on gravel road, was the Hankook DynaPro MT (Pattern Code RT03). When doing more tar road they even make around 100000km, where the AT-m (Pattern Code RF10) when doing mainly tar road was usually at 80000 -110000km. When Wheel Alignment off course is within it’s specs, the most severe factor causing excessive wear.

As there was a very low supply of these tyres from the local dealers, we imported them directly from Korea, and not over South Africa as most Namibians do. Now even supplying Dealers. It still not makes them cheap, for Import duties are very high and so is the Transport.

Tyre Advantages

  • very high mileage
  • not chipping easily
  • tough against punctures
  • quiet for a mud terrain tyre
  • strong sidewalls due to protector
  • high ply ratings
  • strong heavy tyre
  • good grip even on wet tar roads
  • no direction of rotation (can be fitted on either side)

Best suitable for

  • Perfect for companies/individuals, which have vehicles driving a lot of kilometers every year. Here reliability is the main factor, be it on tar or gravel.
  • Perfect for car hire companies where high mileage and reliability is a must. Tyres need to be changed less, which means less work (e.g. max once a year).
  • For individuals that want the best.
  • These tyres might be more expensive, but are suited for you, if you don’t have time to loose from punctures or losses, and drive a lot through extreme terrains and can rely on high quality.

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